Polymers inspired by the outdoors

The outdoor industry benefits from the exceptional performance of polymers. Unfortunately they are produced based on crude oil and their end-of-life management poses a big threat to our ecosystem.

We find solutions that combine the best of two worlds: technical polymers based on locally produced and regenerative raw materials, manufactured in low impact production processes and with the end of life in mind.

Polymers inspired by the outdoors


From petrol feedstock to renewable feedstock

From petrol to
renewable feedstock

Can a climbing rope be made from biobased polymers and yet meet all safety standards ?

From thermosets to thermoplastics

From thermosets to thermoplastics

Can a shoe sole be grippy and durable in its use but also recyclable at the end of its life ?

From designed to waste  to design for circularity

From designed
waste to circularity

Can a complex multi-layer and multi-material part like a ski be designed for circularity ?

About us

Polymer innovation that leads the outdoor industry towards the circular economy. 

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